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The SoSHit Hits the Fans Again as Radio and
Newspaper Guys Attempt to Figure Out the Internet,
And Vice-Versa

Caller going by Steve (who goes by ND Boston and called in the last time SoSH was a radio topic):

I've been a member for two years (except he joined in October), This isn't a bunch of shut-ins that are on this site (SoSH).

Glenn Ordway: Noo, (MF: Noo, NOT at all)...

S: There's lawyers, there's doctors, there's very prominent TV writers out in Hollywood. (Brett: Everyone loves porn)... no there are! You know...

GO: Well after you told us there was porn, I'm sure there are a lot of respectable people, I can think of a Senator or two that are probably members...

S: Well you're probably right

Pete Sheppard: What time is Ron Jeremy night? ...(MF, GO, Pete, Brett, ND/S bust out laugh)

S: It's not a lot of shut-ins, it's a lot of bright people to be honest with you (one thing I learned in life was to beware folks who use the phrase "to be perfectly honest with you" (we thought that went without saying)... you've got to be knowledgeable in baseball (oh, we thought it was about soccer talk)...

GO: But Steve, you know we make light of that, and joke about it, we don't necessarily believe that that's true, right? S/ND: Yeah, yeah... I've got a good job and there's a lot of folks that are just...

GO: What do you do for a living Steve?

S: I'm in software sales...

3.5.04 The Big Show on The Big Schill - Glenn Ordway: "...Bob Hohler wrote a piece about it (Schilling pitch to Millar) a couple of days ago, and I am not one of those who believes everything I read in the newspaper, and I like to hear both versions of it... So yesterday we're going through this whole thing about Curt Schilling, and I thought it was much ado about nothing, because we haven't seen it. And Pete was ranting and raving about it. So what happened was one of these people, which they do on a regular basis OK, once these people get onto these various posting sites like the Sons of Sam Horn, and something is written about somebody, or somebody's involved, and every time that Curt Schilling posts on the Sons of Sam Horn, they send it over to us. Everybody here gets it. So one of the members over there ("a mole") is sending a copy to Dale and to Neumy and to me and to Teddy and to J.T. The Brick and everybody else.

Steve Buckley: So Schilling is being dimed out by his own... (Pete Sheppard: It's like some religious cult; Brett: It must be Scooter)

GO: So apparently Schilling thinks that this stuff, on this membership thing that he's on, when he goes on the internet, is supposed to be a private little chatroom where there are only a few guys in their mother's basement that are all sitting around chatting in this conversation. But I think once you're on that, and once these people start distributing it around, and I hate to tell you Curt and all you other people that are posting (Office Space sfx: "alt. nerd. obsessive.") anytime anybody does this, we're getting reams of copies here of all this stuff, most of it we don't even look at, because most of it is not that interesting, some of it is. And in this case, when you have a ballplayer of his stature, posting on an internet site, it's extremely interesting, and when you have a ballplayer, who is involved in something that was written the day before in the newspaper, and now he's ripping Bob Hohler, and he's ripping Greg Dickerson, and he's ripping people in the way that they're reporting it, and for the first time he gives the other point of view, his point of view, which is something I think in fairness in media you try to do, we don't always do it, we don't always do it effectively (Buckley confused about today's posting vs. yesterday's posting re: Hohler "I didn't read yesterday's posting, I'm not a member!"). He gave what I thought a pretty complete description of what transpired with that Kevin Millar at-bat. He gave his point of view of it. I thought in reading it, it is public information, it's out there, people are sending it to us, that you would think that he would want... and I don't care by the way, if he wants to use this internet site to air his views, that is his choice, he can do whatever he wants, he can go on TV, he can go on radio, he can sit and talk to Bob Hohler, he can sit and talk to you (Buck) or he can go on SoSH. I don't have a problem with that. I'm not one of these people that's gonna go around beating up on the internet. I think the internet has a lot of valuable resources on there, and there's some interesting stuff on there, and he has the right to do that... (porn?) is there porn now on the internet? You've gotta be kidding me. What is this world coming to (Brett: What do you think we're doing all day Big O? Pete: Jessica Simplson sites) well you're not paying attention to the show.

SB: Do you know the 1930 census is now downloadable... (sfx: "Waaaay Baaaack!")

GO: Buck, HOW DID YOU TAKE US BACK to 1930 when we're talking about Curt Schilling and the internet! Al Gore didn't even think of the internet back in 1930...

SB: No but you can download the 1930 census now, they just announced it...

GO: Why would I want to do that?!?

SB: Because you look up your grandfather, find out how much money he made, what his occupation was...

GO: Buck, do me a favor, this is not Ft. Myers, you're back in the big time now, this is Boston, you enjoyed your trip, got a nice little tan, burn, whatever, back in the big time, so let me get back to this thing... so I don't care if Curt wants to do it, on any internet site, I heard him and I heard him again with Don Orsillo last night, that it was one way to get his message out, without it being doctored in a piece. You know what, I buy that, I totally understand that. But then, he kinda rips the people that are actually taking this information that one of the members is supplying to every media person in the city...

Michael Felger: Well let's be fair now... now let me say, that at the beginning of yesterday's thing, the post, the thread, whatever he's doing there, he said, I'd like to keep this amongst the posters here, if you're a regular media member I'm sure you have the access to me...

GO: I don't have the access, I can't get there at 7:00 o'clock, I don't have anybody down there...

MF: THE POINT IS HE asked you not to read it or reprint it

GO: yeah but it's out in the public...

MF: OK WELL FINE, just say that, he asked the regular media not to reprint it or rebroadcast it...

GO: That is ridiculous, (MF: FINE, that may be) that is ridiculous, that is exactly what my point is...that's my entire point if you let me finish. Curt you can't do that it's ridiculous. Because your members are the ones that are turning it over to the public. He believes that he is sitting over there quietly in some secret basement doing the little you know...

SB: Wait a minute, is Schilling in his mother's basement too?

GO: He might be, I don't know.

MF: No, no, no he knows we're all going to read it, but he thinks that the "regular media" all have microphones and reporters down there and have a different access to him, so therefore this is not for us.

GO: Well then why did I not read or see anywhere his entire side of the story. Why was it that yesterday (MF: Maybe no one asked him) on the Sons of Sam Horn was the first time, and that's why I'll give these people credit, the Sons of Sam Horn, they're getting stuff here. He actually laid out, maybe he's being honest about this, he has an opportunity to completely, in his own words, give his point of view, what was, he may not think this, but the way it was written in the paper, what was a "controversial story." I thought it was overblown, you know my opinion on it, but some people thought it was a controversial story. Yesterday was the first time I actually got his opinion. So how the hell does he think that the rest of the world is going to find out about his point of view unless it is passed along, and again, I don't care if the conduit is the Sons of Sam Horn, that's not an issue, but, is this not public information once it's out there on the internet?

MF: You're entitled to that opinion, I'm just saying that he asked...

GO: Did I violate the law? Are they taking me to jail?

MF: No, but you did violate his wishes Big O.

GO: I did violate his wishes, but if says this to you... (Buckley asks Felger if it were a football player posting information that you could use for your copy, are you telling me you wouldn't use it? MF: No, sure I would, certainly... SB: well then you have no issue with what's Glenn's saying... MF: but I wouldn't omit that fact here in your little diatribe)

Pete Sheppard: That's public record.

GO: I am admitting... that's the whole point... he doesn't want this stuff out, and there's no way it's not going to get out... because these people are sending it along to somebody else. And how do we, when blowhards like Pete Sheppard are sitting there blasting away at Curt Schilling, how do we present the other side, his side, without actually reading this. I read it yesterday because there was another side to it. There was Curt Schilling's side to it. He gave that story to the members to the Sons of Sam Horn. The members of the Sons of Sam Horn gave it to us and every other media outlet in town, and why do you not want to hear the other side of it?

SB: Can I just add a footnote to this? The Sons of Sam Horn, because one of the top pitchers in baseball, is using their site to air his views, that makes them a player in this market. Is that a fair statement? (GO: Yeah) Because there's stuff there that's newsworthy

GO: If this was a close knit club, and all they were doing was having a little chatroom and doing their posting, and they all adhere to that policy, the members did, we would never read this stuff. We don't have access to it. I don't think we have access to it. Do we have access to it? (Brett: well Pete has his alias, ChunkyLover228 or something)... so again, I'm going to read this because now, he's ripping media outlets like us (SB: Just you Big O, you)... well, and we're guilty. We did this yesterday. I admit it. We did it. And he has thrown the addendum in there, that he does not, he's prefacing all these pieces by saying he doesn't want the regular media, you know, stiffs like us (Brett: so let's go read it. MF: That's exactly what you did yesterday), yesterday I did, I did read it. There's no question. I'm not denying that. No, today he doesn't have the preface. Today he answers to the lawbreakers from yesterday (SB: This is like you telling the story about flying back from Houston), oh shut up, just shut up (Pete: only in this market, only in Boston)... alright, let me read this (goes on to read post from SoSH responding to Dickerson and WEEI running/reading Curt's reply)...

"See we're not going to give them (passwords) away Pete on the air, we're not gonna do that, because that would not be fair to these people..." - Glenn Ordway, WEEI

Highlights during post reading... GO: ...'P&G might be the way to go'...(MF: Which is what for them?) Proctor & Gamble? I have no idea. (Brett: Stock market tip. Where's Jimmy Stuart when we need him?) P&G, trust me, one of these guys will throw it out there for us today.... 'I would expect the dopes,' that's us, the dopes 'to have some issues with that'... 'as for the groveling, I agree but not at anyone's offense' (SB: What does that mean?) I don't know... 'I'm a member here, obviously a member with some different credentials,' and by the way, that is... he's a lot different than the other members because (Brett: he has a wife, MF: he bathes) this guy posting here is Gehrig38, you got Harry Hooper, or is he Gehrig38, you got kevlog, to them we don't care, we're not reading their stuff, that's not a big deal, they don't need disclaimers, don't worry about it, we're not going to read your material, but this guy is, and he admits it here (Brett: (Can) we just hear something from Hooper?)...

'Anyone else think it's funny to check the MFY (MF: what's that?) we're not going there chatboards off the BDD (haaa laughing at all the acronyms) link and see them react the same way that you all do to MFY news, hilarious' (Brett: Geek code, I'm gonna get Jimmy Stuart in here to decipher all this. MF: what's P&G, have we figured that out yet?)... I don't know (Pete: they're like worshiping Satan or something, that's what it is)... this is my point. I apologize. I apologize (MF: No you don't)... would you let me finish, why can't you just let me finish one sentence?  I apologize for reading this stuff, but this is the nature of the media. It is out in the public. It's out there, and once it's out there and you throw it out there, it's impossible for anyone to suddenly say 'it doesn't go any further than here,' now if Curt has a problem, it's with the other membership and maybe this LJ, the administrator, maybe it's our LJ (Larry Johnson, MF: 'let's be fa-ya') you gotta bring your membership in a little bit tighter here so they don't go and leak it out to the media... they're letting it get outside the circle (MF: They're violating the Circle of Trust?) Yeah they are... (SB: Meet the Parents, MF: There you go, SB: You are outside the Circle) Exactly (Pete: 'I will take you down, I will take you down to Chinatown'... SB: Can we start calling Curt Schilling Panama Red now?) Where's the lie detector test, bring him in!

SB: But, I don't understand because we don't have access to the site, is that correct? We are not members?

GO: Not that I know, I don't know (Pete: Andy can crack it though)...

SB: So it's a member of the site that's sending us the stuff. So his issue should then be whoever's violating... the trust... (laughter busts out everywhere)...number two (Pete: I can't believe we're...)...

GO: You know what, you know what, the nerds are like reeling us in right now. THEY GOT US. JUST WHERE THEY WANT US. THEY OWN US...

SB: Number two, this all started with Greg Dickerson, and I saw interview last night, the one that cause all the furor. I was on the show last night and they played it, and it wasn't that big a deal, it was just the usual pabulum that they, and us, and every other station spits out (GO: Exactly, MF: Yeah, the usual crap) the usual crap! That's what it was. And if you listen to the interview, Tanguay was more culpable than Dickerson was...

GO: But everybody hates Dickerson so he's the target... (MF: Dickerson could say it's a nice day out and he'd get hate mail) Exactly...

SB: No seriously, that's what happened in this case (no, because CS responded to the 6:30 show, Dickerson's comments)...

GO: Listen, the whole deal with Schilling, and we think he's gonna be great in this town, we think he's going to be a terrific pitcher... (SB: sucking up to him now, MF: here we go) No, not sucking up to him, I'm trying to be straight and honest... but if there are people yesterday that were questioning him, and he even himself has said 'people don't understand what happened in that situation,' he's right, because we're all sitting around here yesterday arguing the point, you were here Felger, because guess what? We didn't know what had happened. So now you've got the Sons of Sam Horn members here - (whisper: Circle of Trust) - and they send over to us, via email, the copy of his, of his explanation, why wouldn't we give his explanation? (SB: Ut-oh, here we go), Wouldn't that be fair to give his explanation on the air? I think it does him more good than harm does it not?

MF: How do you feel about the fact that he called you a dope?

GO: I've been called worst, I've been called worst, trust me I've been called worst, dope is one of the best things I've been called in the last 10 years... I don't care if he calls me a dope, sometimes I am a dope...

MF: But you obviously don't agree with the point. But he did ask you specifically not to read it over the air in so many words by his little qualifier, and you went ahead and did it, so you can understand...

SB: How would you feel Mike if a player was at his locker and said 'I'll talk to you, you, and you, but not you, you, and you,'

MF: Yeah that happens doesn't it?

SB: It never happens because it never works. Because the three guys who get shut out get the stuff anyway.

MF: Yeah, the whole thing I don't understand anyway, I'm behind in the internet thing, I am.

GO: Well you gotta catch up brother. You have no idea who Jessica Simpson is. You have no idea what the internet is...

MF: No I mean I'm in there a little bit, but not to this extent...

GO: There's a place for it. And again, I don't have a problem... if Curt Schilling wants to go on this site, and he wants to directly deal with Red Sox fans, I don't have a problem with that. I know some of you guys would have a problem with it because it's part of your business...

MF: No I don't care! SB: Doesn't bother me either...

GO: In some instances I think he's correct. That when guys are writing columns, and you guys are doing it, I'm not saying everybody does it, sometimes stuff is taken out of context. Sometimes you guys will take a little quote and say 'oh let me write my own little angle to all this' right? 'yeah, did he really say that? I don't think so'... and that's what you guys do. And you do it. Admit it. You do it. Admit it (Brett: Pete's typing his response right now sfx typing on keyboard)... so what he thinks is, he can get his entire story out. So what we did yesterday is simply repeat what was, his version (MF: I know Big O)... I apologize, again, if it was something that was illegal, you know, I'll spend my six days in the can or whatever...

SB: Big O, take the pledge right now, announce to our listeners that henceforth you will not read Curt Schilling's missives online because you want to be in adherence with his wishes...

GO: I can't, I can't do that, because if somebody sends...

SB: You're gonna turn right around now and read the next one aren't you?

GO: Now hold on (Pete: did they break the code yet?) yeah, we're getting the code broken down... 'the dopes are the guys who run SoSH, that is... (MF: oh, so it's not you?) I guess not... 'P&G is Pinsetting and Gutterballs' (MF: What does that mean? Pete: What is that? Buck? SB: I don't know what that means, I don't know bowling) a password protected forum... alright BDD is Boston Dirt Dogs... I like that, have you seen that site? (MF: uh, not really) good site, that's a very good site... (Brett: There's a little catfight going on between the two sites I think... yeah) Really? Is that what it is?

SB: So when he refers to dopes, it's not you, it's the other site?...


More rigorous analysis to follow:  The rest of this classic exchange will be continued over the next week, including Steve/NDBoston's controversial call... oh, and WEEI never gave out any passwords, Glenn Ordway explained that they were only joking around calling members 'nerds/mother's basement' crowd, and they know the caliber of people who are members and appreciate the forum ... but you'd only know that if you listen to the words, not the hysteria.

Fast forward in interview to answer the password question: "(background: Na-nu Na-nu... it's not exactly that but it's close... here's Ken in Quincy, how are you Ken?.... see we're not going to give them (passwords) away Pete on the air, we're not gonna do that, because that would not be fair to these people, just because somebody's ratting them out... go ahead Ken...)"

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