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Pedro MarTEAMez?

9.22.02: Sigh or Cy?  "This is it," Martinez told reporters after Sunday's game. "I'm done. To ask for a little more would be greedy. I'm going to let (prospect Josh) Hancock show what he has, to see if he can be of any help to us next year. I don't have anything else to prove. I'm not running [today]. I'm not doing anything. I'm not going to take a chance of getting hurt in my next outing.''

How's It Goin' Grady?

(He looks a Little upset that you kicked him, us in the teeth Petey)

The Lucchino Spin Begins:

"He's done a fine job" (It's all Dewey and Tommy's fault right? Puhleeze)

SI's Tom Verducci: "Unless there's an injury I don't know about, he should take his last turn, regardless of whether or not they're still in the playoff hunt."

Bob Lobel on the Superstar Shutdown:

"Who died and left him boss?... that's garbage... give me a break."


Martinez Ready to Follow Ruth, Boggs, Clemens. Bad Sign? Pedro was at the China Club with David Wells and David Cone during Sox last trip to New York. It's only a matter of time.

Back in June and earlier:

What's Wrong with This Pitcher?

Doctor Whiney, Mr. Worry

The Panic Room that is Pedro's mind

6.9.02: Pedro pitched OK, says he feels fine, but it's now hour-to-hour on the Pedro worry watch:

"I'll have to deal with this the rest of my career, or at least (until) the end of the year... This is all new to me.  I don't know if I'm going to make it into the second half. I am wondering, I don't know.  I am lost.  After this season is over, I am not going to know what is going to happen... I have to wait for each outing to come over and then from there I will take on whatever comes on... Sometimes I have to give away the focus in the game and that I need to focus on what is going on with that shoulder.  Mentally it's tough for me.  I came from the top to the very bottom.  I don't even know if I'm going to get through the end of the year."

Did Tommy John whine this much after he came back from Tommy John surgery?  Did you ever hear this from a 35 year-old, three shoulder surgeries Bret Saberhagen?

No, Saberhagen, at 35, after three shoulder surgeries, and his shoulder in constant pain, would only say at the time that if he slept on the shoulder "the discomfort wakes me up but I just change position and I can fall back to sleep."

For Petey's Sake: either step up, shut up, or shut it down. Bring back Pedro the Warrior! Get rid of Pedro the Worrier, "there's no crying in baseball!"  And is this still a "good time to discuss a contract extension?"

Doctor Sneaky, Mr. Snippy

The Panic Room has reopened and is taking reservations like a rat-free Olives.

Is it Deja June all over again?

Pedro on 'EEI, "Kerrigan was problem, Sox 'too tight'"

5.22.02:  With Glenn Ordway and Larry Johnson and Chris Collins in the fishbowl at WEEI's Diamond Room studio at Fenway Park.

GO: You seem to have that feeling that things are going pretty good?

PM: Yes, I've been healthy, that's the key, I told you guys in spring training, after people panicked, to give me some time, I gained a little weight, 7 months in hibernation working my tail off with weights, I feel fine, wish I could sneak by... no WEEI in the middle of my way. Too much Pedro on WEEI, let me go...

GO: The Fellowship of the Miseralbe is out of town on vacation, not a lot of negativity out there.

PM: That's fine but I don't want to hear my name so much, just want to sneak by the Yankees, Seattle, Oakland, too much Pedro...

I can see Lowe, Burkett, doing great things, and if I'm healthy I don't have anything to prove. Other guys are doing really good too, so far it has been roses I hope we continue to do that and stay where we are.

GO: Now that your're healthy, how much did Ramon's surgery play into it, how you felt last season?

PM: Big factor, same thing as he had, he got hurt and had the surgery. I chose not to get to the point where I have to have surgery, otherwise I would have to miss 3-4 months or a year. Not my first choice, rather go into hibernation and rehab.

Larry Johnson: Don't you think people are more positive and upbeat?

PM: Yes, no negativity in the clubhouse. Red Sox were pretty tight last year, one time I wore Rich Garces jersey in the dugout just to watch the game, they told me "no, you're not going to wear that, you're embarrassing the team," this is when we are winning... I say "no, losing every day embarasses the team"... joking around keeps people loose... they were so strict it was stressful, really tight with the rules.... it's a long season, you have to have fun. You have to laugh. Don't you like to laugh at work?

LJ: Well who was responsible for that Pedro, where did it come from?

PM: Well Jimy's way was a little rough, Kerrigans' was way rougher... Kerrighan said if you didn't like it you could go up to front office and he could show you the support he had up there in writing, he had something signed on a piece of paper... you don't mess around with Nomar, Pedro, etc. don't treat them like kids, we know what to do to get ready.

CC: Does that explain the huge round of applause when Grady was announced?

Yes, Grady is a more easy going person, he's more relaxed. "I'm going to be late 5 minutes," "OK Pedro, not a problem, as long as you're ready." If I'm late I pay the little fine. One time in San Francisco (on recent trip), I was going to be 5 minutes late so the bus waited and I had to buy dinner for team, so it was great. We get together for dinner in Seattle, we have dinner together and continue the good relationship. The guys were like "yeah, now we're having dinner together."

LJ: Would last year have different if you had had these owners and this manager?

Yes, it would have been just like this year, we would have been winning games... and if we were healthy. I was hurt, Nomar, Jason, Everett... frustrated. If we were winning none of that would come up.

CC: Was Carl Everett the biggest problem last year?
PM: Everett wasn't the biggest problem, we weren't healthy... pressure on me to pitch when I'm 70% is not right. if I'm healthy, I don't want to give away my outing, they shouldn't make me do that. I know when I'm not ready to pitch.

GO: Luis Tiant, fun and all business like you, season so long, seeing guys every day, don't you need levity?

PM: Of couse of course, you need to laugh, relax, why not. Right now everybody is just laughing and joking. Shaving cream pie from Trot Nixon a guy younger than me in age... they are my real family, when I get into a brawl, I'm going to call my brothers, I have family here, I'm OK. The guys with me everyday are my teamates, they are my family.

PM: What I hear in the clubhouse.... "what do you think about the Yankees... the Yankees are coming to town... they're only one game behind and you're doing so well"... hate that... (hell of a Shaughnessy impression Pedro!) Haaa haaaa... oh my goodness, I cannot believe you know him that well... haaa

GO: Passionate crowd, people, attendance, they're into it every single night.

PM: I wish the ones to interview me were the fans. Pedro are we going to beat up on Minn. today? Are we gonna beat up on Tampa today?

LJ: What does the media do wrong Pedro?

PM: First of all, I respect a lot of the media here, you guys are professionals, I understand everyone. They really believe you have to talk to them when you're a big shot like me, Nomar. Sometimes if I didn't feel like talking, they believe you HAVE to talk to them. They forgot about my rights, to talk when I feel like. If I'm in a bad mood, or didn't feel like talking, they take it the wrong way. They have power of the pen, they would take it in a bad way if I didn't want to talk, know what I mean?

GO: Pedro, someone has to be the conduit to these fans though, fortunately a lot of broadcasters and writers that do a good job...

PM: Most of them, most of them do a good job. A few of them keep pushing you for an answer when they're not getting the answers, pushing on Everett, they dig, and dig, and dig, and push you, Carl Everett was mistreated sometimes....media partly responsible for pushing on that... some of the things were not right for Carl Everett to do, not defending that, but if he did it was because he cared about that at bat, that game, the team.

Chris Collins: Pedro, seemed like rift last year with media and guys in the clubhouse?

PM: Because when Yankees come, it's all negative? even now, we're playing so well "don't you care about Yankees one game behind?" Here we go again...

Who cares about the Yankees? Let's just keep on playing baseball, if we have to play them for one game at the end of the season, we'll worry about beating them then, why are we talking about them... all that attention they're bringing up, just throw it away and let us sneak by... let's Lowe, John and I just go, at end of season you look and 20, 20, 20 wins. I hope we can all share it, all three of us.

CC: What about talk about breaking down this time?

PM: Before it was every outing, every pitch... now after two months, I'm just taking outing by outing. This year, whole year, learning process and a test, for the whole season. I want to just go there. I feel so relaxed in here cause I won't be misquoted. I like that.

GO: Thanks, here's your Bose speakers

PM: I'll put this on when Shaughnessy and Johnny Miller show up, unless they want to come talk to me in sprints... haaa haaa haaa...


Pedro was on radio station AM 850 WEEI with Dennis & Callahan on their morning program (taped interview from Thursday, February 21, 2002). Fairly tight transcript follows:

How was your off-season?

I spent 7-8 hours a day in the gym, worked very hard... didn't have much time to relax and rest, only took one week off.

I've been long tossing with gene (?), long tossing and swimming. Thank to God no pain, knocking on wood and hoping I'm going to be the same way. Threw 450 yards (?) and arm responding well.

How were you feeling last season?

I was concerned, Dr. Andrews was really specific, but Yocum was specific too. "You're flirting with Ramon's problem." After seeing Ramon, I really wanted to pay attention, but I wanted to pitch, before it was too late for a turnaround, it was risky. It was tough, but it didn't break, I'm here, I had to rehab it.

It's not impossible to pitch around it. During the Cleveland playoff in '99, I was able to pitch with whatever I had, the next Yankee game felt even worse (win vs Roger).

It's more difficult for me to pitch in different styles than just having my stuff and going with it.

I felt worse about the team going down, but I couldn't blame him (Duke or Kerrigan, missed it) for trying to put me in there. Felt bad about the way team went because I wasn't there. I couldn't do anything. Not proud of it ...let's just kick somebody's behind, little bit frustrating.

Regarding leaving early, you've been getting criticized? Couldn't you have hung around and supported your teammates, spend time working with the young kids/pitchers coming up?

Uhh none of the other players were there.

Nomar, Sabes, Varitek, Valentin, Everett, they weren't there... I didn't want to be moping around. If they want to criticize I can't do anything. But unless you know what's it's like to be with the players, with the team when they kick your behind... it's tough.

I had to concentrate on doing what I had to do. I didn't just go home and sit on the couch. I took one week off, then in September 8 hours in the gym, I saw the games on TV, yes.

It was better for me to leave. I told the team: I'm going home early, but I'll come back early.

Alot of people dont realize I came back to Florida in winter. To Boston? No, to Ft. Myers.

GC: You are looked upon as a leader...
PM: NO, I'm a player, get paid like everybody else... "but you are a leader to the..." No...if you want to consider me a leader... I just go out there and do my job, they can just follow me.

JD: Is it a different clubhouse with new additions?

Too soon to tell. I'm there, clapping for my teammates, protecting them. I'm just a player, I get paid like everybody else, I dont want to be the guy who is going to be calling meetings and stuff.

I've always worked hard. Father's birthday was Valentine's Day...(Valentine's Day is father's birthday now?!?... so he didn't miss it?)

PM: What if I went in and just gave kids a bad example about working?

Do you think Manny should have been here on Wednesday with the rest of the team?

I DONT KNOW. It's not my business. You go ask him. I'm not gonna answer for him.

JD. Hey do you know many games that you, Manny, and Nomar played together last season?

No. I don't care about that... well, it was zero (because of the injury, it was an innocent question)

PM: Too Bad. Too Bad.

JD: Was it tough for Joe Kerrigan last year?

I have no idea. You go ask Joe. I'm just going to concentrate on what I do. He's not running laps, not working his butt off in the gym like me.

Do you like the changes this year?

If positive yes, I want to win.

JD: Hermanson likes you...

PM: It is really nice, he's a competitor, he provides help we need with Burkett Oliver Fossum, whoever is gong to be behind me, hopefully I'll be there the whole season.

On Lowe: You're going to have to know how to pace yourself. How you approach yourself every five days... LaSorda says Lowe can't do it.

They say you're happy go lucky Pedro? But you look serious?

Because I'm focusing, I'm coming off tough year. I'm here b/c God wants me to be. When it's time to go home, I go home.

Want to win at a level I've been able to reach. And I want to reach another level now. But I need to do something different. So many different things. I lifted weights for the first time. This is the first time I've been hurt.

JD: Competition, Yankees top competitors?

Everyone of them (teams) is the center of attention. They're going to be good anyway, all big leaguers. I treat all teams with respect. I look at the Yankees as one more team on road.

Will Felipe Alou manage again? Would you like to play for him?

If he wants to manage again, yes he will. I'd be happy to play for him.

Have you met the new owners?

I met the new owners by coincidence.

Will you miss Duquette and John Harrington?

I will miss John Harrington. What Duquette is now gone, are you predicting something? (everyone laughs)

Harrington is a good boss, a gentleman, good person. The new owners mean nothing to me. My nose is between the locker and the white lines. I have been that way all the time. Same as always. I don't set numeric goals. Whatever happens, happens.

With the additions and if we are healthy, we should be better.

Daddy, happy birthday... I've been lucky enough to be good...got dumped by your girlfriend?

Yes, I was dumped. I'm not over it yet. Those are personal problems... you know what? I'm only a man. Those are things that happen. Maybe we'll be back together who knows. Her feelings are more important. If we get back together we're fine. Sandra Bullock? I would love to have a date with her, my girlfriend knows her. Can Nomar get you a date with her? Nomar is from California, I'm from back in the jungle.

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